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Why Is It Important To Stay Active As A Senior?

Senior Tips for Staying Active

Bonaventure Senior Living believes it is essential for all seniors to stay active, not only to keep your body healthy but also to keep your mind healthy as well.  Often, it is easy to get into a routine of a sedentary lifestyle, especially if you have recently retired, but this can put your health at risk. Fortunately, there are many ways for seniors to be active, healthy, and happy.

Senior Tips for Staying Active

One of Bonaventure Senior Living's best tips for seniors who want to stay active is that it is important to find something to do that you will enjoy. If you look upon exercise or physical activities as a hobby, rather than a chore, you will enjoy the activities more and be more apt to incorporate them into a regular routine.

Bird watching, taking a nature hike, dancing, biking, or mall walking can all provide you with not only entertainment, but with mild exercise as well.  You can also take up photography and check out different locales for inspiration or check into free or low-cost exercise classes for seniors.  If money is tight, you can check out exercise videos at your local library, split the cost of a video with a friend or just take a walk around. Listening to music or watching television while exercising can also make the process more fun. 

Activities for Those With Limited Mobility

If you have limited mobility, Bonaventure Senior Living believes you can still be active.  Water recreation is often the best option for seniors who have problems with mobility.  Swimming and water aerobics both provide great options for those who have sore or stiff joints or other mobility problems because the water can lessen the stress on your body. 

If you cannot walk, you may also want to check out PBS for exercise programs like “Sit and Be Fit”.  There are video options as well featuring exercise videos that can be done by those who aren't mobile.


Stretching is important to staying active and supple.  Whenever you have been sitting for a while, Bonaventure Senior Living recommends you get up for a few moments to stretch.  You can stretch while on the computer or while watching television.  You can even stretch while talking on the phone.  Do neck rolls, point and flex your toes, or take a Pilate or yoga class.

Finding A Friend

Bonaventure Senior Living

believes that one of the best ways to make sure you stay active as a senior is to find a friend to share in your exercise routine.  Friends will encourage each other so you won’t miss a session and chatting with friends will help the time pass while you are exercising.  Even if you are just mall walking and window-shopping, having a friend along will help the time pass quicker and the exercise will be more fun.

Final Tips

While all of the above tips are helpful for seniors looking to stay active, Bonaventure Senior Living has a few final tips for those who want to maintain the health of their mind and bodies:

•    Eating healthy and staying positive is also essential to staying active. 
•    Find things to do that make you happy so you will continue to do them.  When you are happy, it is impossible to be stressed out and you will feel better.
•    It takes 30 days to form a habit. Once you start an exercise routine, keep it up for at least a month and you'll find that it becomes a natural part of your routine.

Finally, remember that exercise does not have to mean going to a gym, playing strenuous sports, or jogging.  Exercise can be part of your daily activities like taking the stairs instead of the elevator.  When you shop, you may want to park farther away, since walking is very good exercise, and go down all the aisles inside the store.  Even if you just get out of the house and drive to the library, you are moving and doing something rather than sitting at home. 

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Tips For Keeping Your Mind And Body Active As A Senior

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Bonaventure Senior Living believes that it is important for seniors to stay active and to continue to use both their minds and their bodies in order to remain healthy. Challenging your brain can help you to keep your mind sharp and to minimize the risk of Alzheimer's or dementia, while keeping your body moving can help you avoid common senior ailments including diabetes and heart problems. Bonaventure Senior Living also knows that it can be hard for seniors to find activities to keep active. Fortunately, these tips can help.

Fun Activities for the Mind

Your brain begins to age along with your body and both the loss of brain cells as well as chemical changes in your brain can affect your cognitive ability. However, studies suggest that the more you use your brain, the less you'll lose as far as function and sharpness. Bonaventure Senior Living suggests that seniors who want to keep their mind active consider the following fun activities for seniors:

·         Puzzles: Soduku and crossword puzzles can both be done on your own or in groups

·         Board games: Whether you play with friends or with grandchildren, board games can be an enjoyable way to help keep your brain going. This is especially true for more challenging board games like Trivial Pursuit that draw on your memories

·         Book club: Joining a book club not only means that you'll need to read and think about books but is also a great social occasion where you can have interesting conversations with like-minded individuals

·         Art openings or cultural events: If you are still mobile, Bonaventure Senior Living recommends taking advantage of cultural activities and events in the community. Many museums or even theatres offer senior discounts and attending these cultural activities can be a fun and enjoyable way to spend your time as a senior.

·         Craft projects: While it may seem as though crafts have little to do with keeping the mind sharp, many craft projects require intense concentration. Consider knitting a complicated pattern, learning to sew or perfecting your sewing skills, taking up pottery or learning needlepoint.

Fun Activities for the Body

While keeping your mind active is essential, Bonaventure Senior Living wants to remind you that you also need to keep your body moving as well.  Getting out and exercising can help you to keep weight off and retain mobility. Some examples of fun activities you can do as part of an exercise routine include:

·         Swimming: This is a great exercise activity for a senior that is both fun and safe to do since it places no stress on the joints.

·         Fitness classes like Yoga or Pilates: By taking a fitness class, you will not only be able to stay in shape but you'll also meet other people who share the goal of staying healthy.

·         Biking or hiking: As a senior, it is your chance to finally stop and smell the roses. Go on a nature hike or a bike ride and enjoy nature and beautiful scenery.

Bonaventure Senior Living knows that all seniors will have different passions and activities that excite them. The key is to find something that you enjoy doing and to make a commitment to do it regularly so you can stay happy, healthy and socially connected as a senior.




Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Exercise Tips For Seniors

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Bonaventure Senior Living understands that exercising, as a senior can be a challenge. Retirement can be a major change for most people and it can be hard to get into an active routine and easy to become sedentary and stagnant. Further, aches, pains and problems caused by aging or arthritis can also make exercise difficult.

However, while exercise can seem like a burden, Bonaventure Senior Living wants to stress just how important exercise is. With 20.9 percent of Americans 60 and older suffering from diabetes and an estimated 84 percent of deaths in those 65 and over caused by heart disease, exercising is essential to living a long and healthy life.  Fortunately, these exercise tips from Bonaventure Senior Living can help you get your exercise program started and help you to keep it going.

Starting an Exercise Routine

Bonaventure Senior Living knows that the hardest part of exercising for seniors is the process of actually getting started and getting into a comfortable routine. These tips can help:

·         Get cleared by a doctor first. You never want to enter into an exercise routine that does damage to your body. Make sure you speak to your doctor about what your capabilities are and what you should and should not do before you begin any exercise routine.

·         Focus on diet as well as exercise. Exercising when you are overweight can be very difficult. Combining good nutrition with an exercise program can help you to lose weight and cut your risk of diabetes. Losing weight can also make the process of exercising easier.

·         Start slow: You aren't going to run a marathon the first time you try to exercise. Ease into an appropriate exercise program, beginning with exercising for just a few minutes at a time. Eventually, you should try to increase your program to 30 minutes or more of mild to moderate exercise, but if you have been sedentary for a while or are suffering from health problems, you may need to work up to this.

·         Choose something you enjoy. Bonaventure Senior Living believes that exercise doesn't have to be a chore. There are plenty of types of exercise from water aerobics to taking nature hikes that can keep your body in shape and be enjoyable at the same time.

Choosing the Right Type of Exercise

When you are starting your routine, remember that not every kind of exercise is appropriate for all seniors. Your doctor will help you to identify what is appropriate for you, but some examples of possible exercises that Bonaventure Senior Living can recommend to seniors include

·         Water exercise: Water aerobics, swimming laps or otherwise doing your exercise in the water can put less stress on aging joints.

·         Yoga or Pilates: A low-stress yoga or Pilates program can allow you to exercise and stretch to retain mobility without putting excess stress on your body.

·         Programs for those with limited mobility: Shows and videos like Sit and Fit are designed to cater to those who are no longer able to walk but who still want to remain healthy.

Bonaventure Senior Living knows that getting started with an exercise program is hard but choosing the right kind of exercise and following these tips can help you to keep your mind and body in top form as you age.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tips For Helping Senior Save

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Savings Tips by Bonaventure Senior Living.  There are several ways for senior citizens to save money on their health care. The first way is to ask for generic prescriptions. The generic prescriptions have the same ingredients as the brand name prescriptions and they will save senior citizens a lot of money. The senior citizens might even be able to take over the counter medicine like vitamin supplements. The second way is to take the prescription correctly. They need to listen to the way the doctor and the pharmacist tells them to take the medicine. The directions are also listed on the bottle so make sure to read over them carefully. If they do not take their medication like they are suppose to, and then they could end up right back at the doctor’s office.

The third way is to shop around for the cheapest prices on the prescriptions. This means calling around to different drug stores to find out what they are charging for a certain prescription. Even the brand name stores like Target and Wal-Mart have great prices on generic prescriptions. It is definitely worth the time to do a little research. The fourth way is to compare the prices of lab tests. This means not just going to the lab that the doctor suggests. Call around to different labs in the area to find the cheapest prices of the lab tests. This could save a lot of money after all because a lot of laboratory charge different prices for the same procedures. It is all according to the doctor and his staff.

The fifth way is to try mail order medications. This will only work if the senior citizens take a lot of medications on a regular basis. Just find out if the prescription drug plan offers the mail order option for the prescriptions. The mail order option means that the senior citizen could get a 90 supply of their medications for a much lower price than at a pharmacy. The sixth way is to read over the healthcare bills when they come in. A lot of senior citizens are being overcharged so it is very important to see if the bill has any errors. If there could possibly be an error on the bill, call the doctor to find out what the certain charge was for.

The seventh way is to ask for a discount. This is as simple as just asking the doctor for a discount on a visit or a pharmacist for a discount of the prescriptions. The eighth way is to look for coupons. Look up the manufacturer's website and see if they have any coupons on there that is available to download or print. They may even offer a discount card that could save you even more money. The ninth way is to walk daily. It is always a good idea for a senior citizen to walk on a daily basis. This is one of the best ways to stay out of the doctor's office. This is because the exercise helps to keep you heart healthy.  Bonaventure Senior Living. 


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Event Calendar For Bonaventure Senior Living

Bonaventure Senior Living


Bonney Lake, WA - Cedar Ridge

Red Hat Lunch: 8/15/2011, 11:00 am

Our Red Hatted Ladies will be heading to Watson's Nursery for their monthly meeting and some wonderful cuisine.

Yelm, WA - Rosemont

AARP Senior Driving Class: 8/20/2011, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

AARP Senior Driving Class $12 for members $14 for non members beverages available during day complimentary light lunch served


Gresham, OR - Huntington Terrace

Senior Safari: 9/20/2011, 9:00am-3:00pm

Seniors are invited to explore the zoo with free admission and train rides for themselves. Live music and entertainment, petting zoo and animal talks throughout the zoo.


Gresham, OR - Huntington Terrace

Monthly Birthday Party: 8/25/2011, 11:30-1:00

It's a celebration for the residents with Birthdays in August. There will be live entainment by Mathew Casey.

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Bonaventure Senior Living Sparks Nevada Video

Bonaventure Senior Living

Bonaventure_Senior_Living_Sparks.wmv Watch on Posterous

Bonaventure Senior Care Talks About Aging

Aging by Bonaventure Senior Living.  The United States is facing an unprecedented epidemic of aging.  Sure, it is inevitable that we are all going to grow older someday, but with the Baby Boomer generation entering their Golden Years coupled with longer life expectancy, the U.S. has an elderly population that is larger than at any time in history.  Bonaventure Senior Living takes an active approach to the senior years.  Retirement doesn’t mean sitting on your behind in front of the television or playing cards for hours on end. Today’s seniors are healthier and more active than ever because they’ve engage in some form of physical exercise for most of their lives. It is a proven fact that exercise keeps the mind, body and spirit young, so if you are not doing it, why ever not?
While it is true that most senior citizens cannot perform tasks at the same level as they could 20 years ago, there is no reason why an age modified workout regimen cannot be undertaken by those healthy enough to do so.  The key, like everything else, lies in moderation.  Once you are over the age of 50, physical limitations and chronic diseases – and the toll these things take on the body – can make needs and abilities different than those of a person even just ten years younger.  Before beginning any new exercise program it is important to get a checkup – but if you are a senior citizen embarking on a new regimen, it is doubly important.  Your doctor may be able to help you assess your specific physical limitations as well as clear you to participate in specific exercises such as yoga.  Bonaventure Senior Living takes the health of its residents seriously, and therefore makes sure all exercise programs are suitable for the age of the residents.

Finally, once your doctor clears you for exercise you’re ready to decide how you want to approach physical fitness in your later years.   Pick a program or class that appeals to you – being engaged and interested will keep you going back for more.  Some people like the structure that comes with going to a gym. Others like simply going for a brisk stroll around the neighborhood, the park, or even a shopping mall.  Many establishments have cropped up that teach yoga, and you wouldn’t have to look too hard to find a beginners class and even a class aimed at older yogis.  The point of all of this is – your age doesn’t limit your options all that much. Sure, you’re not bench pressing 300 pounds like when you were a high school football player and you’re probably not running 15 miles a morning – but from swimming, to walking, to jogging – from yoga to aerobics to pilates – you are only limited by your own self.  Bonaventure Senior Living seeks to offer freedom of choice in physical fitness to the senior citizens in their programs.